How to Find Out if a Contractor is Licensed in Indiana

Updated on June 2, 2020

Indiana Contractor License

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In Indiana, becoming a licensed contractor is either state level or city level. It just depends on which category the contractor falls under. Let me break it down for you below with Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Contractors.

Plumbing Contractor in Indianapolis

To be a Licensed Plumbing Contractor comes at a state level for Indiana. The contractor must have and maintain an active journeyman plumber license or plumbing contractor license in good standing issued by the Indiana Plumbing Commission of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Visit this site for Indianapolis local resources.

Electrical and HVAC Contractors in Indianapolis

In the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis, there are not specific state-level licensure requirements for an Electrical and HVAC Contractor. For states without a state-level licensure requirement, the Electrical and HVAC Contractor must have and maintain an active contractor license in good standing to perform Electrical/HVAC services issued by the local governing body in which the Electrical/HVAC Contractor performs services within the state when applicable (for example, those licenses issued by a city or county).  Similarly, the Electrical/HVAC Contractor must have and maintain such local licenses in states that do have state-level licensure requirements when applicable and required.

Electrical Contractor Specifically

An Electrical Contractor must take the Electrical Exam in the city of Indianapolis. As well as present the following to the Board of Electrical Examiners:

  1. Electrica Exam Application
  2. Signed and notarized letter of reference from the employer
  3. Three signed customer reference letters
  4. Photocopy of drivers license
  5. Copies of current licenses, certificates, and diplomas (if they have it)

HVAC Specifically

For an HVAC Contractor, the Indiana State Government Business Owner’s Guide reports that there are not any state licensing for HVAC Contractors. While this may be true, there are however local permits and credentials that they will need to abide by/obtain. Nationwide, HVAC Contractors that deal with refrigerants are expected to take the EPA Section 608 certification due to the complexity of the chemicals.

For more information on HVAC Contractor licensing, click here!

City of Indianapolis Specifics for a Licensed General Contractor

To be licensed in Indianapolis you must complete the following form the Department of Code Enforcement:

  1. Complete the New Contractors License Application or Renewal Contractors Application
  2. Have the following documents:
    • General Liability Insurance Certificate
    • Surety Bond or Continuation Certificate
    • Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  3. Pay a $247 fee to the City of Indianapolis

Once a contractor has completed the above steps (and passed) they are now licensed in the City of Indianapolis (Marion county- excluding Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway, and Southport).

Checking the License

A quick way to check if a contractor is licensed would be by simply asking for their license. Qualifying contractors are proud to be licensed and should be very willing to share their license with you as evidence they are qualified for the job. More reluctant “contractors” should raise a few red flags! When checking their license it is  recommended doing so before they arrive for the job/before they are hired. This will save you a lot of time and possibly money!

When checking the license of a PlumberHVAC, and Electrician you will need to obtain the following:

• The contractor’s full name
• The contractor company’s name
• The number that appears on the license

Online Research

You can also do some research on the contractor online. There are some useful websites that just ask for a little information (the information your contractor should provide you with once asking for license verification). The official Indianapolis website provides a list of licensed contractors. It also provided a search engine where you can manually type in the information you obtain from the contractor. Here is the link to begin your search!

Did You Know?

A licensed contractor whether it be Plumber, HVAC, or Electrician must renew their license every 2 years? Make sure their license is up to date!

Permits are Different from Licenses

A licensed contractor must also get a permit to perform development related work. These permits are especially important when involving drainage, sanitary, transportation, and flood design projects (city projects).

If you have questions about permits you can click here or contact the below contacts:

General Information: (317) 327-8700
Licensing: (317) 327-4316
Pre-Permit Plan Review: (317) 327-PLAN (Commercial Class 1 Plan Review)
Fax-in Non-Plan Review Permits: (317) 327-5397
Records: (317) 327-4860

For a list of Indianapolis permits, click here!

PHCEid is an Advocate for Licensing is an advocate for the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical contractor to properly identify their licensed status for public awareness. Professional Contractors have to have the license or certification to work in homes and businesses. Without the proper certification and licensing to become a skilled trades professional, it compromises the integrity of the trade industry. The contractors listed on the website are licensed or certified according to the codes and laws set forth by each governing state and/or entity. Licensed Contractors work in compliance with local and state codes set forth by their governing trade industry board. Get more information at or call 844-954-2367 today!

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