Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement

What is the Department of Code Enforcement?

Each city should have their own code of enforcement for a various amount of things. It important to check them out especially when hiring someone to do work for you when they say they are a Licensed Contractor. In Indianapolis, there are specific requirements for Licensed Contractors to follow/be qualified for when they advertise their work- these Licensed Contractor specifications will be found in the Department of Code Enforcement.

If You Hire an Unlicensed Contractor

If you hire an unlicensed Contractor you will be held accountable for all the cost of repairs, and for any injuries on the job as well as property damages! Call the Mayor’s Action Center if you suspect an unlicensed contractor performing work at 327-4MAC (4622).

Hire a Licensed Contractors

A licensed contractor must be licensed and have a permit to perform work in the Indianapolis area.  It is against the law to perform such work without the license/permit. Before hiring a contractor, be sure to do your research on the person.

Require a License Identification Card

Before a contractor performs work for you, it is important to check their License Identification Card. This is much like checking someone’s ID for identification and this is something that a contractor should be proud to show you. This card should be up to date, have the seal of the city of Indianapolis, have the contractors name, address, license number, and type. It is imperative that the licensed contractor is qualified to complete each required skill stated in the Indianapolis Department Code of Enforcement.

Electrical Contractors

In the Indianapolis Departments of Code Enforcement, you will find that a Licensed Electrical Contractor is required to be able to “connect electrical power for onsite construction, install/alter.replace/service and/or repair a system distributing electrical power, to service equipment supplying power to factory-constructed dwellings located in a mobile home park, and to install/modernize/replace/service and/or repair all or any parts of an electrical power distribution system.” Click the link to find a list of Licensed Electrical Contractors in Indianapolis.

HVACR Contractors

The Indianapolis Departments of Code enforcement states that a HVACR Contractor is required to be able to “install, modernize, replace, service or repair all parts of heating systems, space heaters/equipment, cooling systems, space coolers equipment, refrigeration equipment, and/or the installation of ductwork for an exhaust hood greater than for square feet in a Class 2 structure and installation of duct work for any exhaust hood in any Class 1 structure.” Click here to find a list of Licensed HVACR Contractors in Indianapolis.

Plumbing Contractors

In the Indianapolis Departments of Code Enforcement, it states that a “state-licensed plumber” must be “registered to perform work.” Click the link for a full list of Licensed Plumbers in the Indianapolis area.


Do Your Research, Get a Licensed Contractor!

Having a licensed contractor will only protect yourself in the long run. To find recommended contractors, click here. For more information on hiring a Licensed Contractor, watch this video!

PHCEid International is an advocate for the Licensed Contractor

PHCEid International is building public awareness for the Licensed Contractor and promoting the necessity of hiring a Licensed Contractor.  The PHCEid Licensed Certification Program has been developed to assist the Contractor in representing your profession and protecting the integrity of Licensing.  Contact PHCEid today for more information!