Funny Gifts for Plumbers

Funny Gifts for Plumbers

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Learning a trade skill provides one with lucrative career opportunities, so there’s a big chance that each family has construction professionals, roofers, and plumbers. Whether you have a plumber in the family or among your friends, getting them a hilarious plumbing-themed gift every once in a while can show that you appreciate them.

You can find plenty of interesting plumbing themed gifts online, but it can be very difficult to choose, considering how many options are available to consumers. Luckily, we scoured the internet to find some of the funniest gifts for plumbers. Our list includes all sorts of items, so you’ll definitely find something good to give your loved one.

Appreciation Gifts for Plumbers

Let’s start off with some great gifts that show our plumber friends and family that we appreciate them.

This gold toilet bowl trophy is a lighthearted and fun gift that’ll look great on their shelf or table. It’s 6 inches tall and has space for a gold-tone plate. You can get this customized with their name and a short message. Their name will be engraved onto the plate and you can add a funny title. The poly-resin award has a wooden base for a prize-like appearance. You can give this on a special event or as something they can keep in their office.

Did you know that 64 percent of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day? If there’s a plumber in your family who can’t start their mornings without a cup of coffee, this travel mug is a practical gift. It’s great for busy plumbers who need a caffeine fix on the go. It’ll keep their coffee hot and they can look awesome while drinking it.

Hilarious Birthday Gifts for Plumbers

Is your plumber friend’s birthday coming up? Need some ideas for a good gift? We think that these creative items are affordable, funny, and sure to make them laugh.

Over the years, it’s likely that your plumber friends have gotten used to a lot of poop jokes. Now, they can face the troubles of clogged drains and pipelines in a hilarious graphic T-Shirt. This novelty T-shirt is a cool gift idea that’ll get plenty of laughs and is useful, too. Trust us, a plumber can never have enough spare T-shirts. This design is available in plenty of colors too, so you can order one that’ll suit your buddy best.

If you want to have some fun at their birthday party, these mini toilet party shot glasses are a great way to do it. These ceramic toilet-shaped glasses are sure to be the center of attention at the party and will make for some funny pictures too. You can also use them as a prop on a birthday cake, or for decorating the table at the party.

Holiday Season Gifts for Plumbers

During the holidays and special festivals, you can find anything plenty of themed items for your friends and family based on their profession. Likewise, there are some interesting finds on the internet if you look up holiday season gifts for plumbers.

One of the coolest things we found was this awesome Mario piggyback Halloween costume. Once your plumbing friend puts this on it’ll look like Super Mario is giving them a piggyback ride. Not only will it make everyone laugh, but it’s a creative approach to make plumbers seem more fun. You can get this costume in plenty of sizes, and there are other costume options as well.

When the holidays come around, tell your plumber friend to skip on the Christmas tree and look get this alternative instead. This funny plunger Christmas tree is the ideal novelty decoration for any Christmas party.

Not only will it get plenty of laughs from the guests and the recipient themself, but it’s just the right size for smaller apartments or homes where there’s no space for an actual Christmas tree. Even if there’s plenty of room but a minimal budget, this gift can definitely make up for it. Add tree decorations and fairy lights to get in the holiday spirit.

Retirement Gifts for Plumbers

Is there a plumber in your family who’s officially retiring? If so, then don’t you think they deserve a thoughtful retirement gift before they put down their pipe wrench for the last time? We looked through online stores for novelty gift items that are specially designed for retiring plumbers. Here are the best items we could find. 

Even when plumbers retire, they still need their morning coffee. But since they don’t have any early morning calls, they can relax at home and drink their cup of joe in this ‘Retired Plumber’ latte mug. With a cool superhero logo, they can now show off their pipefitting powers.

It’s a simple white design with fun graphics – a useful gift that’ll make their day. Even if this retired plumber decides to work somewhere else, this mug is a funny way to express themself and the skills they learned from their old job. Not to mention, it’s super durable; if they need to wash it, they can just put it in the dishwasher.

For those retired plumbers who would much rather wear a T-shirt that states their plumbing profession status, this is the perfect gift. Not only does it say they’re a retired plumber, but it cleverly adds that it’s “not my problem anymore”. Talk about a hilarious way to say no to any plumbing chore.

The shirt comes in men and women’s sizes so you can ensure that they get the perfect fit. Moreover, it’s available in a variety of colors like blue, black, navy, and asphalt.

This was our list of top gifts for plumbers. Now, no matter what the occasion, you can always get the right gift to surprise your loved ones in the plumbing field.

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