22 Gift Ideas for Plumbers

Updated on January 7, 2020

Do you have someone in your life who either works as a plumber, or is in training to become a plumber? If so, you may be interested in getting them a gift that’s somehow aligned with their chosen vocation. Fortunately, there are plenty of good gift ideas for those who work in this field, including gifts for every occasion!  In this post, you’ll find a few specific gift ideas for pipe-working and drain-clearing professionals, but of course, we welcome you to use these ideas as jumping-off points for creative presents all your own.

Practical Presents for Plumbers

If you’re looking for something that’s functional and able to assist the plumber in your life in his or her day-to-day work, there are certainly plenty of tools and accessories for you to choose from. Here are just a few examples.

1) Plumber T-Shirts

A plumber t-shirt is always a great gift. You can head out to Tradelife and buy the perfect plumber gift.

2) A kneeling pad

Most of these workers have to spend a decent chunk of each day on their knees, working to fix pipes or appliances that are in difficult-to-reach places. This can take a toll on the knees as well as the back, which means a kneeling pad can be an incredibly useful gift. Look for one that’s thickly padded and designed with ergonomics in mind. Here’s one good option.

kneeling pad

3) A tool bag

Most members of this trade have a lot of equipment they need to transport from one job site to the next, and that necessitates a nice, durable tool bag with plenty of pockets and storage space. As you seek the perfect gift for the plumber in your life, why not consider a leather bag like this one.

tool bag

4) Work gloves

Plumbers work with their hands, and sometimes they are forced to do so in hazardous situations. A good pair of gloves can prevent them from getting their hands roughed up or cut. Consider a pair of gloves with built-in lighting, which can make it easier for plumbers to get their work done in a dark space. Here is one suggestion.

Work gloves

5) Knee pads

We mentioned the kneeling pad above, but an alternative is to get the plumber in your life a pair of knee pads. These are a little more versatile and may be better options in the long run. Place them in your shopping cart today!

Knee pads

6) A hacksaw

We all know that this job field requires the use of certain tools, including everything from wrenches to augers. Don’t forget that a big part of any plumber’s job is cutting through pipe, and that requires the use of a good, dependable hacksaw. Here’s one that can make a good pick for the plumber in your life. 


7) A magnetic level

Another important tool is the level, which allows the plumber in your life to do clean, precise work. A magnetic level is especially beneficial, because it’s easier to keep it straight and secure, especially as you use it alongside metal piping. Consider a magnetic level as you seek practical gifts for the plumber you love.

magnetic level

As you can see, there are plenty of gift suggestions that run toward the practical; these may be especially good ideas for apprentices or those who are just getting into the industry and may not yet have all the tools they need.

Funny Ideas for Plumbing Gifts

Maybe you’re not really looking for ideas that are practical in nature. Maybe you’d rather get the plumbing professional in your life something that’s a bit more goofy or silly. In this section, we’ll propose some gifts that are sure to elicit a few chuckles.

8) Plumbing chocolate molds

These chocolate molds will allow the plumber in your life to whip up an edible “business card,” which means it’s not just a silly gift idea, but also sweet! A perfect gift for any plumber who also likes to work in the kitchen.

Plumbing chocolate molds

9) Pipe layer socks

This may be a perfect gift idea for the plumber in your life because, in addition to being funny, they are also very comfortable! Indeed, these thick socks will immediately become a valued gift to any plumbers who spend long days working on their feet. A great gift selection for the plumber you love.

Pipe layer socks

10) Humorous water bottle

This stainless steel water bottle reads “Master of the Pipes,” and we’re sure that’ll make it a top choice of any hard-working plumber! It’s clever, it serves a practical purpose, and you can’t beat the price!

Humorous water bottle

11) Humorous hoodie

Plumbers are called upon to work in both cold and hot weather; for the former, this hooded sweatshirt may be just about perfect. Not only is it warm and snuggly, but its “hourly rate” text is sure to win some laughter. Definitely a great way to express gratitude for all the hard work your plumber puts in each day.

Humorous hoodie

12) Christmas tree ornaments

‘Tis the season for some cute, plumbing-related holiday ornaments. These tree adornments can be a perfect way for you to extend some yuletide cheer to the plumber in your life. If you need a Christmas gift suggestion, this is at the top of our list.

Christmas tree ornaments

13) Comical plumbing tumbler

We’ll warn you that this gift contains some slightly adult language, so it may not be a great gift suggestion appropriate to just any plumber. If you need ideas for a plumbing pro who has a pretty robust sense of humor, though, this may be the perfect option. Also note that, in addition to being clever, it’s also very functional, allowing the plumber in your life to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on their way to the job site.

Comical plumbing tumbler

14) Funny plumbing coffee mug

This mug has a similar punchline to the tumbler we mentioned above, which means that it, too, is a little PG-rated. But if you’re okay with a gift that features slightly off-color language, this one is a real hoot. Especially great for any coffee-drinking plumber with whom you are close.

Funny plumbing coffee mug

Pipe-wranglers work hard, so it’s nice to know that they tend to have a pretty strong sense of humor… something this list of products makes clear!

Unique Gifts for Plumbers

We’ll offer just a few more products you can consider… including a few that are just a little bit unusual or off-the-beaten path. If nothing in the above categories stuck out to you, we know you’ll love the selections here!

15) Plumbing belt buckle

We all know the old jokes about how plumbers have a difficult time keeping their pants hitched up. Give them a little help by gifting this plumber-specific, pewter belt buckle! Put it on your shopping list today.

Plumbing belt buckle

16) Hand cream

When you spend the entire day with a wrench in your hands, that can take a toll on the skin. Indeed, a lot of plumbers struggle with rough, cracked hands, but a good hand cream can provide them with the succor they need. The plumber in your life will feel all ready to pick up their wrench again after using some of this specially-formulated lotion.

Hand cream

17) Plumber whisky glass

When your plumber puts down their wrench at the end of the day, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to want a relaxing drink. If it’s whisky on the menu, then you may want to pick up this uniquely etched shot glass.

Plumber whisky glass

18) Tie bar

Does the plumber in your life like to dress up and look nice any time they’re not on-duty? If so, then you might want to add this tie bar to your gift menu. It’s shaped like a pipe wrench, allowing your favorite plumbing pro to celebrate their vocation even when they’re dressed up in their Sunday finest.

Tie bar

19) Flask

This flask features a number of plumbing-specific illustrations. Following a long day on the job, your plumber may need to drink something a little stronger than water, so this chic flask is another great addition to your gift menu.


20) Carpenter pencils

Never underestimate the value of a good pencil! Writing implements are crucial for on-the-job plumbers, yet they’re also very easy to misplace. Why not get the plumber in your life a set of high-end, custom wooden pencils? Here’s one choice for you to consider.

Carpenter pencils

21) Pipe lamp

One more suggestion for your pipe-laying friend: This unique and quirky piece of home decor, which truly celebrates the noble profession of plumbing. It’s a little bit pricier than some of the items on our gift menu, but it may be just the thing you’ve been looking for to tell your favorite plumber how much you care about them. Consider putting it in your shopping cart today.

Pipe lamp

The bottom line? Working as a plumber is tough and often thankless. If you know someone in this occupation, make sure you show them how much you appreciate them and value what they do. Getting them a gift is one way to do that, and we hope we’ve offered you plenty of options to choose from.

Indeed, no matter the occasion (Father’s Day, Christmas, retirement, birthday, just-because), there’s a great plumbing-related gift that matches it. Spend some time browsing this assortment of fun, functional, and/or unusual gifts, and identify the one that’s best tailored to the person you’re seeking to celebrate.

22) Certification marks.

To work in this profession, it takes a lot of training and unending hard work. That’s something to be proud of, so one way you can honor the plumber in your life is to get them a patch that acknowledges their certification. This is an especially good option for anyone who has just been added to a licensed directory.

Promote the fact that you are licensed