6 Free (or Nearly) Online Marketing Tools to Grow Your Plumbing Business

Updated on March 10, 2020

Online Marketing Plumbing Business

Advertising is required for your plumbing business to grow.  This means making a financial investment in company promotion. It is necessary to spread the word and generate buzz. Only then can plumbing companies increase their customer base.

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For some plumbers, this is daunting. That’s because effective ad placement may require a big budget. Not every plumber has such a budget. Access to some free plumber marketing venues can help.

This post will outline some free opportunities to market your plumbing services. Additionally, it will outline some principles of free marketing strategy.


Marketing for Plumbers: General Tips

1) Get the Marks

Think about the most cost-effective options for plumbing advertisement. Here are some principles to remember.

  1. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Channels that allow you to market your plumbing company free of charge may come with some catches or some caveats. The more common of these caveats is that free channels and marketing tools are popular. This makes it challenging to stand out.
  1. Marketing your plumbing service is always going to involve a commitment of time. Be wary of any website that promises immediate results. Marketing usually involves earning trust and building brand recognition. Both endeavors require commitment.
  1. Some platforms start out as free, but don’t remain that way. Always be careful to read the fine print. Be mindful of any upcharges or premium options. Be careful of contracts.
  1. Content marketing remains a great way to generate business. Create educational articles, videos, and graphics. Share this content to earn the trust of your customers. This takes time and effort, but not a large financial investment.

These are some basics to keep in mind as you think about ways to build your business.

Cost: Free

Another important way to advertise your plumbing services is to get patches. These help you show to the world that you are a certified plumbing professional. They can help you build your brand and earn trust.

As you look for your marks, here is a site that can help.

After getting your marks, make sure your business is in the plumbers directory. This helps customers in your area to connect with your plumbing team.

2) Advertise on Social Media Platforms

Cost: Free to get started

As for free channels to spread the word about your plumbing service, begin with social media. There are many platforms where you can create a company account. These accounts are all available for free.

It’s wise to be involved in social media. Many social networks function as powerful search engines. They allow potential customers to find you. They also let you interact, answer questions, and provide customer service.

A couple of words of warning are in order. First, while an account may be free, advertising isn’t. It’s good to have a Facebook account, but using Facebook Ads will cost extra. It may still be a worthwhile investment. One perk of Facebook Ads is that it is easy to scale. You can start small and expand your efforts and expenses over time.

Also, note that being consistent on social media requires time. You probably don’t have time for each of these platforms. That’s alright. Pick one to three that you can focus on. For plumbers, the Twitter and Facebook make sense.

Google My Business

3) Start a Google My Business Account

Cost: Free

Every business owner needs to have a GMB account. This website offers its services for free. It is vitally necessary for building an online presence.

Part of this is because GMB is owned and operated by Google. Google’s search algorithms weigh GMB heavily. You need a GMB account for your plumbing service to show up in local searches. It also helps place your business in Google Maps.

GMB also allows you to list details about your business. You can solicit reviews. You can share photos. You can post current hours of operation. The list goes on.

The bottom line is that GMB is an SEO necessity. It is one of the best free marketing tools for any plumbing service. And, it keeps you in good graces with the world’s top search engine.

email newsletter

4) Create an Email Newsletter

Cost: Free to get started

This isn’t a website, strictly speaking. It is an invaluable marketing channel. And, it happens to be free up to a certain point. You can create an email newsletter with MailChimp. You do not have to pay until you hit a certain subscriber number.

Even if you only send a weekly or monthly newsletter, this can be powerful. It’s a good way to stay in touch with customers. Remind them you’re around, and ready to help with their plumbing needs. Keep them posted on new developments with your business. Share subscriber discounts and promotions. Distribute your latest company blog post or YouTube video.

More than anything, a newsletter helps you reinforce brand recognition. Again, you can make this happen free of charge.

online directories

5) Get Listed in Directories

Cost: Sometimes free, sometimes small fees

Something else that can help build business visibility would be to get listed in directories.

This helps you get your name and contact information out there. It helps you connect with potential customers. And, it can boost your SEO efforts.

There are several directories to seek. Is there a website for the local Chamber of Commerce? A regional small business association? An area network of plumbers?

Seek out websites such as these. If you find one, contact them and ask about getting listed.

Often, you can get listed for free. Sometimes, there may be a small fee. It may be worth paying for the exposure and the SEO benefits.

In addition, investigate platforms such as Thumbtack and Yelp. Angie’s List is another option to consider. Again, not all of these are free. They may still be affordable options to promote your business.

6) Ask for Reviews

Cost: Free

Another free approach to marketing: Seek reviews. This can be a great way to build buzz without spending a dime.

First, you will need a website where people can leave reviews. GMB is the best bet. Facebook and Yelp also work. You may also find an industry-specific website.

Once you have set up a profile, start asking customers for feedback. Ask at the point of service. Include a reminder on invoices. Mention it in email newsletters. Follow up with satisfied homeowners and business owners. Let them know you appreciate their feedback.

Reviews help fortify your reputation. They can be powerful SEO boosters. Hopefully, your reviews will be favorable. Even if some are lackluster, it could be a net positive.

As reviews roll in, take the time to respond. Say thanks to anyone who leaves positive comments. As negative reviews appear, flex your customer service muscles. Ask how you can make things right. This can also boost your reputation.

This is another example of a marketing strategy that takes some time. You won’t see big results overnight. In time, it can make a huge difference. And again, it’s a free channel.

Use Your Budget Wisely

There are plenty of options for free marketing. In some cases, you will still need to spend money. The question is, when is it worth it?

If you only spend money on one thing, make it your business website. Every business needs an online hub. Your plumbing operation is no exception. Make sure your business has an attractive homepage. Also, ensure that it is accessible to mobile users. Finally, be vigilant in keeping contact information up to date.

If you have any budget left over, Facebook Ads can be a smart investment. Start small and work your way up. Directory listings can also represent big bang for your buck. There are other options to promote your business, but these are the ones to start with.

Get the Word Out for Free

Every business needs to do some advertising. Your plumbing operation is no exception. Thankfully, there are good free options. Take advantage of these free options. Even free channels can be effective as you build your plumbing team.

And, as you become more familiar with the free options, you may feel more comfortable moving past them. Beyond the free options are a number of avenues to build your plumbing reputation.

Start with one of the free marketing tools listed here. See how it impacts your plumbing fortunes. And remember that, in the U S, there are always new innovations coming down the pipeline. Keep your eyes open for new channels.

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