5 Best Gifts For Plumbers

PHCEid has just made the holidays a whole lot easier!

In need of a gift for your favorite plumber? Look no further. With this Gifts for Plumbers Holiday Guide, you will find just what you need this holiday for that special plumber in your life. What better way to show thanks for the techs that work the hardest. From funny to sentimental, we have narrowed it down just for you (and your plumber)!

Below you will find the necessities your plumber will need for the holidays! 


The Master Plumber Pack

Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench | PCHEid.org
Milwaukee Tool Bag | PHCEid.org
Fuel Hackzall | PHCEid.org

Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench

This Milwaukee wrench has been refurbished which means it is half the price of a new wrench. Refurbished tools work the same as a new tool. If anything they are a little more broken in so they are more comfortable to use. The functionality has been tested, cleaned, and repackaged! 

Details: Steel,  3/4 npt, MAX opening 2.2 in, and 7 lbs. 

Retail value is $89


Milwaukee Tool Bag

This 15in Milwaukee tool bag is great for the plumber on the go. Not many tool bags come in a backpack form. By having a backpack, your plumber can easily throw it on their back (with equal weight distribution) and be on their way. This bag is also hard shell so it will protect anything inside from tools to electronics. 

Retail value is $104

Fuel Hackzall Kit

This hackzall can cut through anything! Usually, plumbers will have to cut a lot of piped by hand which can take a great deal of time and energy. With a hackzall, your plumber can cut the time in half and be ready for the next project! 

Details: 10 lbs, comes with a 5ah battery, charger, and case, and Milwaukee offers a warranty on their website! 

Retail value is $204

Prideful T-Shirt

Trade Life Merchandise

At TradeLife.com you can get the plumber in your life the perfect merchandise to help support their trade! With Items for HVAC, Electricians, and Plumbers there is sure to be the right item for you. This Real Plumber tee is the perfect graphic tee for any plumber! They can represent their trade and show they are a proud licensed plumber. For just $12.95, you can get your plumber something they will actually use! Trade Life has plenty of gifts for plumbers, check it out now!

Available in sizes SMALL-XXLARGE

Real Plumber | Tradelife.com

Laugh Worthy

Toilet Mug

This gift on our Gifts for Plumbers Guide might be the funniest. This one is for the jokester (and a great addition to any stocking). Your plumber can sit back and relax drinking a cup of joe from a john! 

Retail value is $12.99

Toilet Mug | PHCEid.org

Christmas Plunger

Is your plumber in need of a Christmas tree? This will crack up and plumber! With this Christmas Tree Plunger from our Gifts for Plumbers Guide, they will be able to decorate representing their trade! 

Retail value is $15.99

Christmas Plunger | PHCEid.org

Handy Plumbing Gadgets

Wireless Endoscope for Smartphones 

Is your plumber a techy type? Leave the computer at home and travel light. All you need for this wireless endoscope is a smartphone. This might be the most convenient gift in our Gifts for Plumbers Guide!

This wireless endoscope is a tool they will use (and get a kick out of). This endoscope is wifi compatible and has a high definition 2.0-megapixel camera. With a slender 8mm diameter, this snake can fit just about anywhere. With 6 built-in LED lights, it can also light up any space for the clearest pictures possible. 

Retail value is $42

Wireless Endoscope | PHCEid.org

Protect the License | A Gift From PHCEid

Vehicle Identification

PHCEid offers vehicle identification for the Electrician, HVAC, and Plumber. Get your plumber a mark that they will be proud to represent! With options from decals, bumper stickers and more- you’ll be sure to get just what they need. 

Bumper Sticker | PHCEid.org

FREE Membership

What’s better than saving a few bucks during the holidays? Well, how about spending nothing for the best gift of all! Get your plumber a free membership to PHCEid. A membership to PHCEid allows licensed plumbers to be on the directory source page, access to licensed plumber promotional products, and helps build public awareness that is it against the law to perform unlicensed plumbing work!

FREE PHCEid | PHCEid.org

Advocate for Licensing

PHCEid.org is an advocate for the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical contractor to properly identify their licensed status for public awareness. Professional Contractors have the license or certification to work in homes and businesses. Without the proper certification and licensing to become a skilled trades professional, it compromises the integrity the trade industry. The contractors listed on the PHCEid.org website are licensed or certified according to the codes and laws set forth by each governing state and/or entity. Licensed Contractors work in compliance with local and state codes set forth by their governing trade industry board. Get more information at PHCEid.org or call 844-954-2367 today!