Top 5 Licensed HVAC Contractors Directory in Indiana

Finding the right HVAC Contractors for you might be a difficult task, but with the help from the Top 5 Licensed HVAC Contractors Directory in Indiana, this challenge may come a little easier. HVAC Directories are meant to help customers find the right fit without having to do all of the research themselves. The top 5 directories below do an intense check on all of their HVAC Contractors before adding them to their directory. These companies ensure that they are listing licensed professionals that are qualified for the job. Below, you will find the Top 5 Licensed HVAC Contractors Directory in Indiana.


Angies List

Angie’s List is a pretty credible and well-known site when it comes to researching businesses. Although it can be confusing to some, once you get past answering all of the questions, it will lead you to a list of HVAC Contractors in your area that can get the job done. You will first answer what zip code area you will be needing an HVAC professional from, then you answer what specific service you need to be done. From there the service questions will be even more detailed, really narrowing down what is needed to complete the job. After completing this, there will be a few more questions and then they will finally give you a list of HVAC professionals. With their list, they also include a phone number you can call to contact the recommended company. Yes, this is very extensive, but you do receive a pretty accurate list of which HVAC Contractors you need.

2.HVAC may seem like an obvious directory to use when locating HVAC Contractors, just from the name. In this case, we have found that this directory is pretty reliable. The site even allows you to type in your HVAC question to help you navigate their site. In a lot of cases, you sometimes don’t know the root of the issue, here you can explain what is happening, so the site can then navigate which companies and HVAC Contractors are best for the job. This will save you a lot of calling around and getting rejected by companies. You can also type in your zip code to pull up the nearest HVAC Contractors if this is something that interests you the most. They also include all the information you need to know about the company they refer you to.


ACCA is known for finding nationally recognized contractors. Still asking questions, ACCA has a simpler approach to the questionnaire when looking for HVAC Contractors. ACCA only asks you the basics of what they need to know. For example; Where are you located? What work do you need to be completed? As well as what are your market segments. From there you will be provided with a list curated for your needs. This makes it a little easier when it comes time to start reaching out to the companies. We have found that they are still growing their directory for commercial HVAC professionals, however, ACCA still has a decent list for residential areas that need an HVAC Contractors. Again, they provide you with the address, phone number, and website to the companies they recommend.

4.Find Local HVAC Businesses

Best HVAC Directory is very straight and to the point, much like the name, when it comes to finding the perfect HVAC Contractors for you. Best HVAC Directory also has a large list of HVAC Contractors that they work with from many areas across the U.S. Something unique to this website is that they allow you to compare companies as well, you can compare anything from reviews, prices, and overall quality work. They have a 3-step process that has made locating a contractor pretty easy. 1st Search for HVACs. 2nd Compare HVACs. 3rd Contact HVACs. It’s that simple. Like the other sites, they also include all of the information that is needed to contact these licensed HVAC Contractors.

5.PHCEid International

PHCEid is one of the easiest directories to navigate. With the simple click of “View Licensed HVAC”, it directs you right to a page with a list of HVAC Contractors. Their list includes the name of the company they recommend, the address, phone number, and website. Whereas Other sites make you list your specific needs and go through a long list of answering questions before you get to the actual names of companies. PHCEid focuses on finding licensed HVAC Contractors that want to partner with them to help promote that their company/HVAC professionals have these licenses. PHCEid stresses the importance of finding licensed HVAC Contractors. It is against the law to do HVAC work without an HVAC license. With PHCEid, you can guarantee that you will be receiving quality work from a Licensed Professional.

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Any of these Top 5 Licensed HVAC Contractors Directory In Indiana will help you find the exact fit you are looking for. It is very important that you find licensed HVAC Contractors when needing such work performed. Each directory listed above ensures just that.