Skilled Trades Summer Camps

Looking for an Exciting Summer?

As the need for employees in skilled trades professions increases, there has been an increased effort to get young children interested in the field. A popular summer pastime in most children’s lives is summer camp. A time to spend making friends and hanging outdoors. Don’t forget the occasional s’more. 

Organizations around the country have been trying to fuse the enjoyment of summer camp with the potential success that comes with a career in the skilled trades. Skilled trade summer camp was established! This fusion of camp and career exploration was made in hope to inspire our nation’s youth to pursue a career as a plumber, HVAC technician or electrician. Listed below are a few of the most popular skilled trade summer camps across the world.

NAIT Welding Camp

The Norther Alberta Institute of Technology holds annual summer camps that are geared towards many subjects. Subjects include culinary, sports, drone construction, digital media and 3D creator courses. New to the program this year is the camp centered around welding.

The camp runs for a week and is co-hosted by The Canadian Welding Bureau. During this time campers work on different welding projects and work to get comfortable with this activity. It can be quite intimidating for a child to hold a welding torch on their own. Exposure to the field of welding is the main objective through this program. Organizers hope that with a little fun and creativity, they can spark a career interest for youth. A great skilled trades summer camp option if you are looking to venture out of the country!

Girls Build Summer Camp

Located in Portland, Oregon, The Girls Build Summer Camp is focused on introducing young girls to the skilled trades professions. Women in the skilled trades and educators are brought in to teach the girls about the field. Girls are taught how to use power tools, bend sheet metal, woodworking and various electrical work. By learning how to build things for themselves and their family, these young girls are also building confidence.

The organization offers different programming. Programming ranges from small daily projects to week long projects. Last year the girls constructed a cover sandbox that was donated to a local domestic violence shelter. Through this, young girls are taught how people can benefit from the skilled trades and what it is like to give back to the community. This skilled trades summer camp provides young girls with many important skills, both in the field of the skilled trades and overall life!

SUN Area Technical Institute Summer Career Exploration Camp

The SUN Area Technical Institute in New Berlin, Pennsylvania offers Career Exploration Camps every summer to students entering 9th, 10th and 11th grade. The camps cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from robotics, construction, health science and safety.

The construction camp offers classes in wood working, masonry, carpentry and HVAC. This is a great opportunity for young adults to try out a skilled trade before having to make the decision on how they will continue their education.

More Skilled Trades Summer Camp Options

We have only mentioned a few skilled trades summer camp options for kids. There are many more available! Check with your local summer camp facility or search “skilled trades summer camps in my area” for more options. A camp that your kids go to each summer might have programming options that you never knew about. It’s never to early to spark an interest in the skilled trades for our nation’s youth!

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