PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship

PHCC of Georgia Academy has created the HVAC Apprenticeship training for their members! At PHCEid, we believe that this is very important to our community as the future of our skilled workers in the trades are slowly trickling away. Is this the step to educating our future tradesmen and tradeswomen? PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship may be the way of the future.

What is it?

The PHCC of Georgia Academy HVAC Apprenticeship is a 4-year program offered to the Georgia members to get your HVAC Apprenticeship completed. It was developed by the PHCC National with the Air Conditioning Contractors Association and Refrigeration Service Engineers Society in which the U.S. Department of Labor has approved!

If you are just starting out in the trades, you will need to take the pre-apprenticeship course that the PHCC offers. This is a 6-week long course that will teach you all about the P-H-C Industry as well as set you up with the tools you will need to be successful in your apprenticeship.

What is the point of this Apprenticeship?

For the PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship there are a couple of course goals, student goals, and employer goals while completing this apprenticeship. During the course, you should get an introduction to the HVACR trade, go over fundamental topics of the HVACR industry, understand energy efficiency, and go through what makes good customer service and proper selling to customers. Students are required to take tests, complete work in a timely manner, and take record of all on the job learnings.

Why was this started?

The PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship has recognized that contractors need a flexible schedule when it comes to learning a new skill. Training and apprenticeships take time as does their normal working time. PHCC Georgia has figured out a way to now incorporate this HVAC Apprenticeship so that it will not interfere with the contractors already set schedule. They have even offered flexible ways for the contractor to partake in the apprenticeship: in the classroom, online, or the even offer in-home training around Georgia. Locations include Macon, Augusta, Savanah, and Metro, Georgia. With having so many options for their members, the PHCC has improved the chances of the skilled worker’s shortage to increase in the upcoming years. By providing this program, businesses will only benefit more!

What is the Skilled Workers Shortage?

This is no secret. The future of the trades is in a bit of a scary spot right now. Statistics in the Hudson Institute predict that the supply of skilled laborers in the U.S. will not catch up to the demand until 2050 and that about 6% of high school students are considering careers in the trades today. “Training the future workforce is the only way to solve this shortage,” said Ellen Whitaker, PHCC of Georgia Executive Director.

When does it start?

NOW! You can sign up as soon as today for the PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship. You can begin the online coursework or you can begin with your company that you are working for. As an apprenticeship is a hands-on experience, most employers offer this coursework in the trades now in Georgia.

What’s the future for the school?

The future for Apprenticeships and the PHCC Georgia HVAC Apprenticeship is growing. The PHCC has recognized the need for flexibility when it comes to training our future generations of tradesmen and tradeswomen. Whether you are just starting out in the field or you are a skilled technician picking up a few more trade skills, they have figured out a way to cater to the need of our workers. We anticipate more and more opportunities just like this!


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