How To Get Your Electrical Contractor’s License

How To Get Your Electrical Contractor’s License

licensed electrician
Licensed Electrician

Nowadays, more and more students are showing an interest in establishing a career in the trades. This field can provide one with numerous employment opportunities, mainly because there will always be an adequate demand for it.

However, you need to be more than just good with a few tools to become a successful tradesperson. Electrical contractors have a job to resolve issues in power lines and install electrical systems in structures. Since the job requires careful calculation and thorough execution, you need to acquire a license after meeting the state authority’s requirements. Here’s how you get a license.

Specific Requirements Vary from One State to the Other

The specific requirements to get an electrical contractor license vary from one state to another. Nonetheless, licensing authorities in each state look for a few common things. This includes apprenticeship, a high school diploma, and for advanced training licenses, experience.

licensed electrician

Sending an Application

In every state where a license is required for working as an electrical contractor, you need to first send in an application. You can download it from the licensing authority’s website or get a copy of it from their official address.

You need to fill in the application and provide any supporting documents that may be required. While submitting your application, you need to pay the application fee as well, which is different for every state.

Once your application is approved, you qualify to sit the licensing exam. However, some states may require additional documents as part of the application, such as a criminal record history.

Giving the Exam

When it comes to the fundamentals, the electrical contractor licensing exam will cover various theories, test the candidate’s concepts, and ask them about building safety codes. In addition, you may have to give an exam on the laws surrounding electrical contractors and working as one in the state.

Since electrical contractors can start their own firm once they get a license, the exam will also test your knowledge about business laws and regulations in the state.

Proving Financial Credibility for Your Own Business

If you’re looking forward to getting a license so you can open your own electrical contracting firm, you need to prove that you’re financially responsible. You need to have a good insurance policy and give other credible evidence as well. This implies that you can afford proper coverage for any electricians and contractors you’ll apply at your firm.

licensed electrician

Education Requirements

High School Diploma

To qualify for an apprenticeship, which is a must for an electrical contractor license, you need to have a high school diploma or an equivalent.


Before you qualify for a licensing exam, you need to complete a certain period of apprenticeship. In most cases, this is 4 years and involves a set number of classroom study hours, as well as on-the-job experience.

Licensed in Town/State

In states that have high-populated districts, each town or city has its own building codes. In this scenario, you only get licensed to work in a specific town or city, rather than the entire state. You can opt to get a permit to work in other parts of the state, but this will require you to give a test and prove your eligibility.

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