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CTE Bill Passed

Groundbreaking work has been accomplished for the skilled trades industry. The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, now known as The Perkins Act, has been passed by the Senate. The bill’s next step is to enter and be approved by Congress. The hope is that the bill will be passed before the House summer recess, which takes place in the beginning of August.

This bill allows states to tap into a $1.2 billion-dollar grant in order to improve technical and career education programs. Investments will be made to apprenticeship and job training programs in particular. Improvements to this bill have been made so that money used will go directly towards developing skilled trades programming in k-12 schools as well as universities. This expansion will promote the nation’s youth to explore a career in the skilled trades as well as provide opportunities for them to do so.

President Trump has been pushing for increased participation in the skilled trades field throughout his presidency. His past work on this includes developing a national strategy for training and retaining workers in high-demand industries. An executive order was signed in July that will expand job-training and apprenticeship programs. This executive order established the National Council for the American Worker.

The executive order and council were established by President Trump in efforts to fight the skills crisis our nation is facing. The government is to work with smaller businesses, labor unions, educational institutions and other non-profit organizations in order to find job opportunities and training for those entering the skilled trades. The council will work to promote those businesses and organizations that support the education of skilled trade workers. The CTE bill would provide a much-needed revamp of our nation’s CTE and STEM field careers. 

If you are interested in getting involved with this, you can find resources and contacts on the Association for Career and Technical Education website.

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