3 Problems that Exist Today for Licensed Contractors

Problem #1:
Government Spending Cuts Creating Deregulation Efforts
Government is considering the cut of regulation for several licensed professionals in order to cut budgets. Regulation is a tremendous expense, not to mention the necessary requirements to police the industries.

Problem #2:
Non-licensed Contractors Providing Services Illegally is Malpractice
Fact: Over 75% Complaints Registered with the BBB came from Non-Licensed Contractors.

Problem #3:
Lack of Skilled Labor

Licensed Contractor

Articles/Facts about lack of skilled labor:

When licensing is administered by the State it provides an unbiased, unquestionable foundation based on health and safety for all. Licensed contractors assure homeowners that the tradesperson is qualified and accountable for the work performed. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a license showing proficiency of installation and compliance with a code.

In a recent fact finding interview with Mark Fasel, Fishers, Indiana Building Commissioner and past president of the Indiana Building Officials Association, he stated that licensed plumbers have far less deficiency notices than any other craft. Fishers Indiana is one of the fastest growing communities in the state and its building department inspects one hundred percent of its issued permits.

An unlicensed, untrained person performing plumbing work can cause a cross connection that can put themselves and the community they live in at risk for sickness, disease, and potential criminal and civil proceedings again them.

The demand for plumbers continues to increase at a rate outpacing most other trades. The need for plumbers will probably grow faster than average compared to other occupations through 2018, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.