10 Reasons to Become a Plumber

1. Job Stability
In recent years, skilled trade professions have seen a shortage of workers. The demand for plumbers is so high there aren’t enough in the market to satisfy it. This is great news for up and coming plumbers! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that jobs in the plumbing industry would increase by 21% between 2012 and 2022. When you decide to become a plumber, you will be stepping into an industry where jobs are readily available.

Not only are jobs readily available, they are hard to get rid of too. Our country has seen a trend of jobs being outsourced. Phone calls are being directed to large call centers in foreign countries. This does not apply to the plumbing industry. As long as American homes have toilets, plumbers are needed! A licensed plumber is a hands-on craftsman that is needed nationwide.

2. Salary
The average salary for a licensed plumber in 2016 was reported to be $56,030. This number is comparatively higher than some college graduates’ starting salaries. TIME reported that business students start out with an average salary of $52,236 and communications majors bring in $47,047 a year. Plumbers come out on top according to these numbers. Economic trends show that the salaries of plumbers are expected to increase in the coming years due to their demand.

Plumber’s salaries rank highest among the skilled trades professions as well. US News reports that electricians and plumbers rank 1 and 2 for the highest paid construction jobs.

3. Continued Education
Being a plumber means that you are committed to expanding your knowledge of the industry as technology advances. Almost every day there is some new tool or device invented that impacts a plumber. New health codes or state standards can be set that require a plumber to learn about new repair strategies and techniques.

Continued learning can provide many benefits to an employee. By keeping your brain active and learning you can keep your mind sharp. Problem-solving is a daily activity that plumbers must execute in order to complete a job.

4. Community
The plumbing industry provides a great community for workers. You will have access to organizations such as The National Association of PHCC. These organizations help maintain the credibility of plumbers through licensing and can help you create a network of working professionals.

Not only are you connected to the plumbing community, but you can connect with your local community too. When you start a plumbing business and hire locals you are providing jobs and security to those in your community. Community members will call you when a pipe bursts or waterline needs repaired.

5. Trade School
Does the thought of 4 years of college overwhelm you? Trade school is a great incentive for choosing to be a plumber. Trade school typically lasts 2 years and in much less expensive than a 4-year university. Cost for trade school on average is $7,560 a year, almost half the price of one year at college.

Due to the fact that it only takes 2 years to graduate from trade school, you have additional time in the work force. You will begin your job at a younger age and have more time to rise in the ranks of your organization or even create your own. This additional time also allows you to save more for retirement.

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6. Social Opportunity
Within the plumbing community you can make a tight knit group of friends that understand what it’s like to be in this profession. You can learn from each other’s struggles and share insider tips and tricks as well.

Being a plumber also puts you in many social interactions with customers! You will be able to meet those you are providing a service for face-to-face. You won’t be confined behind a desk and typing away at a computer all day. Working with others and learning to communicate is a daily skill that plumbers practice!

7. Apprenticeship
After completing trade school, you must participate in an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships provide paid on-the-job training and teach lessons that are seldom taught in the classroom. They give the best picture of what it will be like to work out in the field once your formal education is over.

8. Entrepreneurship
The plumbing industry provides a great way for you to create your own business! Plumbing services are so in demand today that you won’t have to worry about the need for your business. There are many great companies to take hints and tips from when it comes to starting your own organization.

The incentives of owning your own plumbing organization are flexibility with work hours, location and business structure. You are in control when you decide to start your own plumbing company!

9. Importance
Almost every home in America has a toilet and running water. With those amenities comes the need for maintenance and repair! Being a plumber is an important occupation and a much needed one. When home repairs go wrong, homeowners will call their trusty plumber to get the job done right! You will be a major resource for homeowners and business owners to call on when they need help with a plumbing issue.

Plumbers are so important that they even have their own national day! March 11th is recognized as national Plumber’s Day.

10. Career Advancement
Having a career in the plumbing industry means that you are in charge of how high of a position you hold. As long as you are committed to furthering your education and learning about the advancements of the industry, you can keep climbing the ladder. Working your way up to Master Plumber status is completely up to you and your willingness to learn.

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